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What We do

Data Rush Services Limited offers you a selection of service options depending on your requirement.

Normal Mail Service

In this option, we send our courier to your premises at specified times daily depending on your requirements, to deliver or collect items for same day expedition.

Temporary Call-In Service

This service is offered to those who do not have an account with us. Clients can call for service on "in-need" basis. This service is suitable to individuals or institutions with low volume of mail.

Urgent Service

This is a time sensitive service where deliveries are done within one hour from the time we pick from the consignor and the time it is delivered to the consignee. All our clients enjoy this option and are welcome to call at any time Monday through Friday.

Dedicated Service

A motorbike Courier is assigned to a specific client on a daily basis. The Courier reports to your office at 8:00 a.m. and will be at your service throughout the day up to 5:00 p.m. He will be armed with a communication gadget to enable him communicate with our office and hence track his movements all day. For this service, Data Rush Services guarantees a back up Courier and Motorbike incases of any breakdown to ensure a smooth operation.

Banking and Documentation

Our bank services include collection and delivery of your Bank documents and deposit of cheques. Documentation includes processing of IDFs, CRFs, Licenses, Air tickets and payment of bills.

Internal Office Mail

A Messenger is assigned to collect, co-ordinate, and log-in all mail sent within or outside your office premises. His duty can also include photocopying and running short errands. This service is offered both on short and long-time period basis.

Bulk Mail

This includes mail for functions such as, launches, banquets, party invitations, annual reports, bulletins, statements, invoices and other company events. Data Rush will collect any of the above from your offices and make sure they are delivered on time.

Tailor Made Services

Data Rush Services core competence is our ability to offer you the services that best suites your requirement. Given the diversity of our clients service needs, we always workout a service plan that will serve you best.

Mail Shot

When you want to reach more than 10,000 people by sending them Mail, Magazines or any advertising material, we collate the material, stuff them in envelopes print labels and post them for you within three days.

Our Delivery Services

  • Overnight Services
  • Corporate Calling
  • Sensitive mail deliveries
  • Pharmaceutical deliveries
  • Within-the-hour deliveries
  • Dedicated courier Services

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